Pavlov's Dog


Director: Katya Shagalova

Screen Play by: Katya Shagalova

Director of Photography: Eugeny Sinelnikov

Art-director: Masha Petrova

Costume designer: Natalia Stytsuk

Make-up artist: Asel Dzhumabaeva

Sound Director: Vasily Filatov

Editor: Elena Andreeva Gleb Nikulskiy

Starring: Elena Lyadova Nikolay Ivanov Sergey Kachanov Elena Galibina Maria Zvonareva Angelika Nevolina

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Production: Rock Films Dingo with the support of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Melodrama

Time: 72 min


"Pavlov's Dog" is a debut for several members of its crew, including the screenwriter and director Katya Shagalova, and the cinematographer Evgeny Sinelnikov. The film reminds of Milos Forman's "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". But the conflict here is not between doctors and patients, but rather between freedom and captivity. The film centers on the story of Ksenia and Maxim, two twenty-year-olds, who meet each other in the sanatorium and fall in love. Ksenia is an alchoholic, Maxim is suicidal. They have been both sent here by their relatives, who did not want to deal with their children and their problems. Gradually it becomes clear that the characters, betrayed by their relatives, kept inside the sanatorium, constrained by regimes and the cult of work therapy, are healthier and freer than many of those who live outside. 

  • Prize
    Window to Europe Film Festival

    President of XIII Russian Film Festival Prize

  • Prize
    Pacific Meridian International Film Festival

    Film Festival General Sponsor Prize

  • Grand Prix
    Film Festival Stalker

    Grand Prix for the Best Film, Guild of Cinema Critics Prize

  • Awards
    Open Russian Film Festival "Amurskaya Osen"

    Best Debut, Best Director, Special Producer Prize